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Office Hour

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During office hours, residents can borrow vacuums for free, using a $60 cash refundable deposit. Pool, ping pong, air hockey and Foosball are also available free of charge using your OneCard with no monetary deposit.

Event Calendar


We hold regular programs and special events such as Surprise Sundays and Calgary trip. You could find the exact time of these events on the calendar below. For most of the event, you will need to bring your One Card.

Positions details

Bylaw 110: President

The President shall:

  1. help to organize leadership training and retreats sponsored by Residence Services, and HCA;
  2. ensure that all other Executives are knowledgeable in their duties during their Executive Office shifts;
  3. establish close relations with the RAs, RC, ADRL, external communities, and organizations within the University;
  4. hold a meeting with the HUB Residence Coordinator as often as necessary, and at minimum once per month;
  5. receive and follow up on HCA related complaints and inquiries from Members;
  6. coordinate the whole Executive in reaching and achieving HCA’s goals;
  7. work with each executive to provide support and to allow them to do their duties to the best of their abilities, in order to keep the HCA running smoothly and efficiently;
  8. assist the Vice President (Finance & Administration) in maintaining the financial integrity of the HCA;
  9. in conjunction with the Vice President (Finance and Administration), hold primary signing authority on all HCA Bank Accounts;
  10. hold at least one meeting with the Executive before or during the spring term to choose procedures for the spring and summer terms. Matters discussed should include but not be limited to the services, programs, and meetings that will be held during these months;
  11. ensure each Officer of the Association signs a contract before assuming office, affirming an understanding of the rules and their responsibilities;
  12. facilitate both a self evaluation and peer evaluations for each Officer of the Association at the beginning of the Winter Term;
  13. report the results of the 360 Degree Feedback and the Officer evaluations by the end of January;
  14. review and provide feedback on the Residence Services Strategic Plan;
  15. prepare a list of goals for HCA at the beginning of term;
  16. act as the official liaison officer for the HCA to all external bodies not designated to the Vice President (Communications).
  17. look after all legal matters pertaining to the HCA; and
  18. in the absence of an Officer of the Association, delegate all necessary tasks for the duration of the absence.

Bylaw 115: Vice President (Communications)

The Vice President (Communications) shall:

  1. determine and organize efficient modes of communication with Members and create communication materials that reach all Members and promote the HCA;
  2. produce the HUB Newsletter to be published no later than the first day of each month and encourage Members to submit articles and artwork for the newsletter;
  3. be responsible for the marketing of HUB programming and HCA promotion, including but not limited to the distribution of communication media, flyers, listserv blurbs, notices, and newsletters in conjunction with the Residence Life team;
  4. hold primary responsibility for updating all common bulletin boards and calendars;
  5. communicate with the Residence Coordinator and Residence Life Team regarding HCA activities;
  6. undertake a comprehensive survey regarding the programs and services provided by the HCA and the quality of life in HUB by November and publish the results by the end of the fall academic term;
  7. regularly maintain the HCA website and other social media outlets or supervise the individual responsible for its maintenance;
  8. prepare materials that promote the HCA to be delivered to all HUB residents at the beginning of September; and
  9. act as the official liaison officer for the HCA to external bodies as designated by the President.

Bylaw 120: Vice President (Finance and Administration)

The Vice President (Finance and Administration) shall:

  1. manage the fiscal affairs of HCA such as insurance, investments, etc., and coordinates all budget related activities, including the annual year-end audit of their term;
  2. ensure all fiscal affairs and budget related activities are conducted in accordance with Canadian Generally Accepted Accounting Principles;
  3. register the HCA as a student group with the Students’ Union each summer, and ensure the Association remains in good standing throughout the year;
  4. ensure Residence Services’ Financial Regulations are followed;
  5. serve on CIRC, unless another Vice President volunteers to;
  6. audit and reconcile the Executive Office cash box on a monthly basis or as requested by the Vice President (Volunteers);
  7. audit and reconcile cash boxes from all special events no later than 48 hours after the event ends;
  8. examine all receipts to ensure their validity and cost effectiveness and ensure that requisition forms are completed properly;
  9. in conjunction with the President, hold primary signing authority on all HCA Bank Accounts;
  10. ensure that all bills are paid in a timely fashion;
  11. collect and deposit in the HCA account any revenue generated from HCA activities/services/facilities on a regular basis;
  12. be responsible for holding a September General Meeting of the Association, at which the Association budget and annual financial statement must be presented to Association Members and ratified in accordance with HCA referendum legislation;
  13. prepare a monthly HCA financial statement;
  14. be knowledgeable of the Constitution and of general legislative process;
  15. maintain communication with the University of Alberta’s Risk Management Services and coordinate the creation of all necessary waivers;
  16. transcribe, organize, distribute and retain agendas, minutes and other relevant documents from all Executives and general meetings;
  17. manage the office supplies in the Executive Office;
  18. perform other duties designated, and possess optional residual authority over matters that are not specifically outlined in HCA legislation;
  19. in the temporary absence of the President, serve as Acting President; and
  20. collect and maintain records including:
  • the current Constitution;
  • all minutes, and minutes of any other standing committees deemed pertinent;
  • all bills, including but not limited to phone, OneCard reader, photocopying and insurance bills;
  • all invoices, including but not limited to all reimbursed receipts;
  • all waivers;
  • all bank and budget statements;
  • all transition reports;
  • all election reports and materials;
  • all volunteer applications and records;
  • all Furniture Depot records;
  • all warranties;
  • all event bookings; and
  • any other documents considered pertinent by the Executive.

Records must be kept for a minimum of seven years unless prohibited by law.

Bylaw 125: Vice President (Programming)

The Vice President (Programming) shall:

  1. be responsible for meeting on an ongoing basis with all relevant committees regarding programming;
  2. plan programs that enhance the participation of HUB residents;
  3. collaborate with other residence associations for joint programming, particularly the Residence Halls Association and other student groups across campus;
  4. be responsible for maintaining and offering a variety of programs (for example, sports, education, recreation, trips and services);
  5. coordinate a programming blitz at the beginning of each term with other Residence Life Team members;
  6. coordinate an ongoing program promoting English language development among Members;
  7. be responsible for implementing a system to track attendance at events, as well as tabulating and reporting its findings to the RAs;
  8. in conjunction with the Vice President (Communications), create a master calendar of programming events that includes but is not limited to HCA parties, trips, workshops, movie nights and other events;
  9. serve on at least 50% of all programming committees;
  10. monitor the progress of all programming committees, ensuring that proper advertising is taking place for all events and programs;
  11. work with the Vice President (Volunteers) to recruit and to supervise coordinators for regularly offered programs and services, as well as review their performance regularly; and
  12. have SIPS Training if alcohol related programming is scheduled for the semester.

Bylaw 130: Vice President (Operations)

The Vice President (Operations) shall:

  1. maintain records and photographs of all HCA equipment valued over $100.00 at beginning and end of each term in conjunction with Vice President (Finance & Administration). A log of the model and serial numbers should be compiled. For any equipment lent out, a log comprising the model and serial numbers, the borrower, and return date is to be kept;
  2. be responsible for advertising the Vault and its services to Members;
  3. be responsible for posting notices on the use of HCA services/equipment;
  4. work towards upgrading current services in response to residents feedback and recommendations;
  5. be responsible for the arrangement, renovation, and maintenance of all HCA equipment;
  6. develop a regular cleaning schedule of the Executive Office and Kitchen by all Officers of the Association;
  7. maintain the security of the HCA and respond to security concerns in the Vault; and
  8. maintain and upgrade computers that are the property of the HCAin cooperation with the Residence Services Information Technology Specialist.

Bylaw 135: Vice President (Volunteers)

The Vice President (Volunteers) shall:

  1. promote volunteerism in HUB, including but not limited to recruiting, organizing, training, and supervising duties of volunteers;
  2. chair a committee meeting at the beginning of each term to address issues including but not limited to volunteer recruitment, new volunteer positions and opportunities, volunteer satisfaction, and developing volunteers into new student leaders;
  3. organize and run at least two volunteering programs outside of other HUB events and programs, per term;
  4. provide volunteers with training of all expected duties, responsibilities and HCA policies;
  5. conduct regular performance reviews of volunteers;
  6. review and revise volunteer job descriptions and contracts;
  7. send out a weekly email message to all volunteers, updating them of any outstanding issues, changing policies and upcoming volunteer opportunities;
  8. manage the movie and vacuum rental program in the Executive Office, including coordinating scheduling, training, advertising and cash box reconciliation;
  9. determine proper rewards or prizes for all volunteers, including volunteer of the month;
  10. make and distribute HCA T-shirts to all executives, RAs and volunteers by the end of the Fall Term; and
  11. coordinate volunteer appreciation events at least once per term.


Executives 2016 – 2017


President – Michelle Kim

Hi HUB Residents!

Welcome to HUB Community! My name is Michelle Kim, and I am your president for 2016-2017. As a president, I help to organize leadership trainings, programs and retreats. We work together with Residence Services and Students’ Union to improve our
HUB community. We also establish close relations with Residence Assistants, Resident Coordinator, Residence Advisory committee, external communities and organizations within the University. I also work with each executives to provide support and to allow them to do their duties to the best of their abilities.
This year, starting May 2016, the University was no longer collecting residence association fees on our behalf. Which means many of our events and programs could disappear or result in lower quality since student associations doesn’t have mechanisms to collect all the residents’ fees. This year we are striving to continue our program with good quality at the same time and working to have contingency plan for our future executive team!
If you would like to get more involved with HUB Community Association or would like to know more about us, feel free to contact me!
Michelle Kim
President 2016-2017

Vice President (Finance) – Yolanda Huo

Hey! My name is Yolanda, studying finance in school of business currently. I am VPYolandaProfile finance in HCA this year. I love various of sports, such as ping pong, tennis and swimming! And I got lots of friends due to these sports! If you are also into sports, come play with me!! In my first year, I worked in a stationary store and booked accounting in there, which helped me gather some experience relevant to money-management. And as I mentioned above, my major is finance, so I will put the theory I learned in class into practice!! At the same time, I am glad to help other VPs to organize high-quality event for our residents!! Let’s enjoy the life in hub together!!


Vice President (Communications) -Samuel Muwanguzi 

Hey HUB residents! My name is Samuel Muwanguzi and I will serve as your VP HCA memeCommunications for the year 2016-2017. I look forward to acting as a bridge between you and the HCA so I can notify you whenever we have a dank event coming up. Or whenever something else awesome is happening in HUB.
Feel free to email me whenever you have any questions concerning the HCA at samuel.m@hublife.ca or shoot me a message via our Facebook page.

Vice President (Operations) – Bruce Qi

Hello everyone! My name is Bruce Qi and I am in the position of VP Operation in the coming 2016-2017 academic terms. As an international student, I have understood img_0135deeply what the word ‘home’ means to everyone since the first day I came here and I am also someone who is always willing to contribute to his home. Similarly, my past volunteer experience for HCA has shown me how strong the connection is among people here and how the word ‘home’ is perfectly shown within this community. Thus, I came to the realization that I need to become someone else so that I can do more for this place.

So here I am, feeling energetic and fully prepared to serve this community and every resident here! In the coming semesters, I am going to cooperate with other executives to utilize the resources that we have to hold exciting activities as much as possible to enhance the connection within the community. Also, I am also looking forward to opening email access to all residents so that I am able to hear from you about suggestions for what you want us to do, what to have (in the Vault) or activities to hold. You have my word that I will try my best to satisfy everyone’s needs to change this place to become somewhere with a deep sense of “belonging“. What’s more, also cannot be ignored, is that I am personally into basketball, guitar as well as making friends.

If you have any ideas, thoughts or you just want to say hi to be friendly, please do not hesitate and email bruce@hublife.ca directly!

Vice President (Programming & Volunteers) – Run Jia Gan

RJ is a second year returning Varsity tennis athlete and Bachelor of Commerce student. While pursuing her co-op degree in Accounting, she also actively participates in different on and off campus activities.Headshot II

For one, working as a fundraising supervisor at Public Outreach sparked her interest in non-profits, and in her spare time she volunteers locally to give back to the community. Above all she enjoys spending time with family and friends, as nothing is more important.