Executives 2016 – 2017


President – Michelle Kim

Hi HUB Residents!

Welcome to HUB Community! My name is Michelle Kim, and I am your president for 2016-2017. As a president, I help to organize leadership trainings, programs and retreats. We work together with Residence Services and Students’ Union to improve our
HUB community. We also establish close relations with Residence Assistants, Resident Coordinator, Residence Advisory committee, external communities and organizations within the University. I also work with each executives to provide support and to allow them to do their duties to the best of their abilities.
This year, starting May 2016, the University was no longer collecting residence association fees on our behalf. Which means many of our events and programs could disappear or result in lower quality since student associations doesn’t have mechanisms to collect all the residents’ fees. This year we are striving to continue our program with good quality at the same time and working to have contingency plan for our future executive team!
If you would like to get more involved with HUB Community Association or would like to know more about us, feel free to contact me!
Michelle Kim
President 2016-2017

Vice President (Finance) – Yolanda Huo

Hey! My name is Yolanda, studying finance in school of business currently. I am VPYolandaProfile finance in HCA this year. I love various of sports, such as ping pong, tennis and swimming! And I got lots of friends due to these sports! If you are also into sports, come play with me!! In my first year, I worked in a stationary store and booked accounting in there, which helped me gather some experience relevant to money-management. And as I mentioned above, my major is finance, so I will put the theory I learned in class into practice!! At the same time, I am glad to help other VPs to organize high-quality event for our residents!! Let’s enjoy the life in hub together!!


Vice President (Communications) -Samuel Muwanguzi 

Hey HUB residents! My name is Samuel Muwanguzi and I will serve as your VP HCA memeCommunications for the year 2016-2017. I look forward to acting as a bridge between you and the HCA so I can notify you whenever we have a dank event coming up. Or whenever something else awesome is happening in HUB.
Feel free to email me whenever you have any questions concerning the HCA at samuel.m@hublife.ca or shoot me a message via our Facebook page.

Vice President (Operations) – Bruce Qi

Hello everyone! My name is Bruce Qi and I am in the position of VP Operation in the coming 2016-2017 academic terms. As an international student, I have understood img_0135deeply what the word ‘home’ means to everyone since the first day I came here and I am also someone who is always willing to contribute to his home. Similarly, my past volunteer experience for HCA has shown me how strong the connection is among people here and how the word ‘home’ is perfectly shown within this community. Thus, I came to the realization that I need to become someone else so that I can do more for this place.

So here I am, feeling energetic and fully prepared to serve this community and every resident here! In the coming semesters, I am going to cooperate with other executives to utilize the resources that we have to hold exciting activities as much as possible to enhance the connection within the community. Also, I am also looking forward to opening email access to all residents so that I am able to hear from you about suggestions for what you want us to do, what to have (in the Vault) or activities to hold. You have my word that I will try my best to satisfy everyone’s needs to change this place to become somewhere with a deep sense of “belonging“. What’s more, also cannot be ignored, is that I am personally into basketball, guitar as well as making friends.

If you have any ideas, thoughts or you just want to say hi to be friendly, please do not hesitate and email bruce@hublife.ca directly!

Vice President (Programming & Volunteers) – Run Jia Gan

RJ is a second year returning Varsity tennis athlete and Bachelor of Commerce student. While pursuing her co-op degree in Accounting, she also actively participates in different on and off campus activities.Headshot II

For one, working as a fundraising supervisor at Public Outreach sparked her interest in non-profits, and in her spare time she volunteers locally to give back to the community. Above all she enjoys spending time with family and friends, as nothing is more important.

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