HUB Community Association Elections 2017!

Check out the candidates’ platforms below:

Micah joined HCA as a volunteer in 2016, later being promoted to the position of HCA’s Director of Communications, working alongside VP Communications Samuel Muwanguzi. He is going into his third year of the Computing Science program at the University of Alberta. He plans to hold the position VP Communications in the coming year, where he will improve the link between residents and the HCA in order to keep residents better informed as to the many exclusive activities happening in HUB.

on march 23 & 24th

Hi, my name is Jinah Yoon. I’m a second year accounting student and running for VP Finance & Admin. I have worked with HCA executive team as a volunteer and a director of programming. For next coming year, I would love to serve the community as VP finance and Administration to make sure all the benefits for HCA members! If you have any question, please email at jinah@ualberta.ca or come to the forum on this Sunday night to hear more.

bruce bio

Hello residents. My name is Bruce Qi and I am currently a second year Mec E student.I am running for
the Vice President Internal of HCA.
In the past one year, I have been on the position VP Operation and accumulated a lot experience with
my team. And the reason why I am running again is that I want to continue to contribute my efforts to
make this community better.
My first platform is that I am looking forward to introducing the interview to the recruitment of
the office volunteers. I believe our volunteers have done wonderful jobs to serve this community
and residents. The reason why I need to include the interview is that I want to further improve the
quality of the volunteer team so that we would be able to provide better services and events to the
Secondly, I am planning to renovate the office in the Vault. So far, the office is a place
mainly for the executives, directors and volunteers during their shifts. And the office have been
through with many terms with HCA. It’s pretty old and unattractive. I will ensure that after the
renovation, the office would not be a place that people have to stay here, it would be a place where
people get attracted to come, sit and chat. Residents in the HUB deserve a nice place like this.
These are my main platforms for running for this position. For more information and questions, please
email bruce@hublife.ca. I would be happy to answer any question! On Mar. 22nd and 23rd, vote for Bruce,
vote for a better community! Your efforts to the community will be appreciated!


ahmed bio

Hello dear HUB residents,
My name is Ahmed Badr, and I will be running for VP Internal (Volunteering and Operations) in the upcoming HUB Community Association (HCA) elections. Currently, I am a PhD candidate in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Department. I have served last year with HCA, first as a volunteer, and second as director of volunteers. Being involved in many HCA events made me interact with residents and understand their needs for a better HUB residence community.
In volunteering aspect, I am planning to promote volunteering opportunities among undergrad and grad students. The involvement of grad students has been very little. In addition, increasing the vault office hours is on my list since it is directly correlated to HUB residents’ comfort. Renovating the study room in the vault ( in coordination with the President and VP Finance) and keeping it in a very good condition, and promoting vault services to all HCA members are all in my plan for the next year.
Feel free to contact me in person, Facebook, or email: ahmed.badr@hublife.ca and I am very responsive!

michelle bio

Hi Everyone, My name is Michelle Kim and I am running to be your HCA President. This time last year, I was elected as the HUB Community Association VP volunteer, and from there, took on the role of HCA president at the end of the summer. This year as the HCA president, I’ve dealt with lots of internal issues, while continuing to run our operations and programming. One of the main issues that we’ve had to work on was the HUB opt-out process. I’ve attended numerous meetings and discussions to first make fee collection happen, and then ensure that clear communication with the students was maintained. Unfortunately, due to timing issues, everything was rushed, and the process given to us was not ideal. It took me a while to finally decide that I will be running again as the HCA president, and solve these problems.
One of my main goals this year will be around improving our opt-out process, and focusing on improving direct communication with our residents. Overall, I would like to continue being the strong voice on behalf of the students in residence, and my platform centers around improving HCA membership benefits and develop HCA living cost bursaries. Check out my full platform at @votemichellekim. Thank you!

rj bio photo

RJ is a third year BComm student majoring in Accounting. If you do not see her training for her next Varsity competition, working, or planning events for student clubs, you will most likely find her napping anywhere on campus. She’s been with the HCA for over two years, and is looking forward to serve her community for one more!


Residence Association Fees.

In the past few days, as HUB residents, you received emails from the Residence Association concerning the Residence Association Fees. Although you were given the choice to opt out, it may not be clear what these fees are for so here’s our president, Michelle Kim, with a letter to all residents explaining what these fees do:

Hi HUB Residents,

The Residence Association fee enables us to provide different services to residents and help us to do our best to advocate for student needs. I can’t emphasize how important the fees are and it is to have resident association who could address your concerns.

Here are some IMPORTANT consequences if you decide to opt out:

When you opt out from $22.50 HUB Community Association Membership Fee,

1) You will no longer gain access to the VAULT

2) For our upcoming events: Ski Trip, HUB Formal, Christmas Candy Grams, Cultural Nights, Grocery drives and other events, you will no longer get HUB Resident Fee or may not be able to participate.

3) Bottle Drive program will no longer be offered to you

4) Ping pong and Table tennis access as well as our weekly program access such as sunday sundaes, monopoly nights and movie nights will no longer be accessible.

5) Your Associations are your voice in the residence system, and your means of participating in the running of your Residence communities.

Most importantly though, we are the residents’ voice with the University and Residence Services. It becomes very challenging to represent residents if they are not our members and we have done a lot of work to protect residents rights and privileges on campus. For example, we bring out issues residents are having with units, working to resolve issues with UWS, advocate to increase security and safety and also working to control rent fees.

I strongly recommend you to pay the fee since we cannot do our jobs with out the fee collection unfortunately and we are the only body representing HUB residents.

Please be informed that these fees were previously collected at the beginning of the year with your rent, about $50 and was MANDATORY. Recent changes made by residence services changed this process and the process of collection was impacted.

Once again, I stress you to pay the fee and remain as HUB community association member as we offer number of valuable services to our residents aside from but also including events and facilities.

Please inform me if you are still interested in opt out option.

I will inform you the process of opt-out


Michelle Kim

President HUB Community Association

Contact: michelle@hublife.ca