HUB Community Association Elections 2017!

These are the results of the 2017 HUB Community Association Election, which ran from 7am March 24 to 6pm March 25.

Thank you to all the candidates for running and working to make a better HUB community. Thank you to the voters for taking the time to participate in the community. Thank you to all of last year’s executives for their hard work.

The results are as follows:

Michelle Kim – 151
None of the Above –38
Result: Elect Michelle Kim

VP Finance and Admin
Jinah Yoon – 127
None of the Above – 29
Result: Elect Jinah Yoon

VP Internal
Ahmed Badr – 66
Bruce Qi – 97
None of the above – 7
Result: Elect Bruce Qi

VP External
Jia Gan – 123
None of the above – 31
Result: Elect Jia Gan

VP Communications
Micah Seneshen – 131
None of the Above – 26
Result: Elect Micah Seneshen

Voter turnout this year out of all the ballots sent was 29.1%. Any questions on these results can be directed to Wout Theelen, HCA CRO

To next year’s executives, welcome and all the best wishes for your term in office.

Wout Theelen
Chief Returning Officer, HCA

Residence Association Fees.

In the past few days, as HUB residents, you received emails from the Residence Association concerning the Residence Association Fees. Although you were given the choice to opt out, it may not be clear what these fees are for so here’s our president, Michelle Kim, with a letter to all residents explaining what these fees do:

Hi HUB Residents,

The Residence Association fee enables us to provide different services to residents and help us to do our best to advocate for student needs. I can’t emphasize how important the fees are and it is to have resident association who could address your concerns.

Here are some IMPORTANT consequences if you decide to opt out:

When you opt out from $22.50 HUB Community Association Membership Fee,

1) You will no longer gain access to the VAULT

2) For our upcoming events: Ski Trip, HUB Formal, Christmas Candy Grams, Cultural Nights, Grocery drives and other events, you will no longer get HUB Resident Fee or may not be able to participate.

3) Bottle Drive program will no longer be offered to you

4) Ping pong and Table tennis access as well as our weekly program access such as sunday sundaes, monopoly nights and movie nights will no longer be accessible.

5) Your Associations are your voice in the residence system, and your means of participating in the running of your Residence communities.

Most importantly though, we are the residents’ voice with the University and Residence Services. It becomes very challenging to represent residents if they are not our members and we have done a lot of work to protect residents rights and privileges on campus. For example, we bring out issues residents are having with units, working to resolve issues with UWS, advocate to increase security and safety and also working to control rent fees.

I strongly recommend you to pay the fee since we cannot do our jobs with out the fee collection unfortunately and we are the only body representing HUB residents.

Please be informed that these fees were previously collected at the beginning of the year with your rent, about $50 and was MANDATORY. Recent changes made by residence services changed this process and the process of collection was impacted.

Once again, I stress you to pay the fee and remain as HUB community association member as we offer number of valuable services to our residents aside from but also including events and facilities.

Please inform me if you are still interested in opt out option.

I will inform you the process of opt-out


Michelle Kim

President HUB Community Association

Contact: michelle@hublife.ca